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What size collar should I order for my dog?
Using the chart below, find the size closest to your dog's neck. When measuring your dog's neck, measure just behind the ears. If you don't have a flexible measuring tape, a piece of string or a strip of paper works well. Keep in mind when selecting your size that martingale collars do not have a buckle and need to loosen enough to slip over your dog's head.

10" - 14" 13" - 17" 16" - 21" 20" - 24"

I don't see a size that will fit my dog, what should I do?
We'd be happy to make a custom collar just for your dog! Using the contact page, email our team your desired specifications.

What is a martingale collar? 
Martingale collars safely keep your dog on leash by gently tightening if your dog pulls. The collar adds control and, most importantly, prevents your dog from slipping or backing out of their collar during a walk. Martingale collars are a safer, more humane alternative to traditional choke collars because the limited cinch prevents choking or harmful injuries to the neck. Most martingale collars (including ours) do not have buckles, but rather slide over the dog’s head to put it on/off.

I just got my Wiggle & Thump martingale collar (yay!)… now how do I put it on correctly? 
Because our martingale collars do not have buckles (we think it makes it more comfortable) to put it on your dog simply slip the collar over their head and comfortably tighten it. To test the fit, gently tighten the collar by pulling on the D-ring (that your leash attaches to) and ensure the two ends of the cinching loop do not touch. If the collar is too loose it will not prevent your dog from backing out of it. To remove the collar, simply loosen the collar and pull it over your dog’s head. 

How do I clean my Wiggle & Thump collar?
Our collars are machine washable. Wash them in cold water and hang them to dry. To prevent scratching of the collar hardware and washing machine, we recommend washing collars with other items such as towels.  

Do you support wholesale orders?
Yes! If you own a retail store and are interested in carrying Wiggle & Thump products send us an email using the contact page. One of our team members will reach out shortly to discuss the details.

I'm involved in a rescue group and would like to learn more about how we could be involved in your mission. 
We are always looking for new groups and dogs to support! Please send us an email using the contact page to apply for our program.

Where are your products manufactured?
Our products are handmade by our team in our Southwest Michigan design studio.

Where do you source your materials?
Our materials are sourced from a range of vendors (both in the US and Asia) that use responsible processes and support our sustainability initiatives. 

Where did the name Wiggle & Thump come from?
Is your dog one of those dogs that gets an uncontrollable wiggle butt when they see you? Or do they just lay on the floor and lazily wag their tail creating a thump? We have one of each in our house... Roxie (the wiggle) and Grouper (the thump) are the two rescue pups that our name was inspired by. See photos of them (and other dogs) on our Instagram page!